How to choose the right foundation for your face

Using a latex sponge and liquid base, apply stitches over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Also with the sponge, extend the makeup points outward, toward the hairline and downward to your neck, covering the entire face with a light base layer. For even lighter application, first moisten the sponge with water. Don’t forget to apply the base to the eyelids, nostrils and lips. It should cover all the way down to the jaw line. Be careful to avoid any boundary lines.

Many women still have trouble selecting the type and base tone for their skin. If your skin is normal to dry, use an oil-based, and if it is oily, a water-based skin. Many creamy bases provide good coverage for flaws in skin coloring. Dermacol Foundation Reviews is the right creme for you to use.

choose the right foundation face

Don’t be afraid to buy different types of bases. Apply them to different parts of your face and see what consistency and coverage you like best. Revlon Touch & Glow is a low-cost oil product, suitable for most lightly dry to normal skin and offers a good number of shades.

I suggest that most women avoid iridescent bases, because with them they can look older. If your skin is very wrinkled, do not use thick cream bases, which can build up in the wrinkle holes.

When selecting a base, never test the color on the neck or back of your hand, but where you are going to use it, on your face. Naturally, you should not wear any other bases at this time. The tone you buy should be exactly that of your skin, unless you are trying to counteract a yellowish or reddish tone. Women with skin that is too yellowish should use a base with a touch of pink, while women with reddish skin may opt for a slightly yellowish base. If in doubt, acquire the exact tone of your skin and simply use a blush to counter the tone.

I suggest that women with too dark skin should avoid pink bases, as many of them have blue or ashy tones on their skin.

There are dozens of bases in most drugstores and department stores, as well as many products made by leather specialists who have their own companies.

Light Touch

With your fingertips, apply three creamy illuminator dots on top of each cheekbone. To blur it, pat it out, don’t rub it with your middle finger, extending it toward the storms.

Since the illuminator reflects the light, it will make your cheekbones look more prominent. If your chin is sunken, the illuminator will make it look more outward. However, if you use it well below the cheekbones, they will be slapped and in a strong jawbone will make it look too prominent. But if the illuminator is applied with discretion, it can do wonders on your face.

Select an illuminator two shades lighter than your skin. It should not be pure white, because it produces a bluish shadow. A base that is two or three shades lighter than your skin, works very well as an illuminator.

Although I prefer cream illuminator, there are powders that give good results. Lancôme’s Dual Finish Creme/Powder Makeup is excellent. If you select a powder illuminator, use it after your translucent powder and apply it with a marten hair brush. For special nights, you may like the effect of iridescent powder or gel on your cheekbones, frontal bone or just above your eyebrows.

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