Cannabis Tincture and its benefits for health

If you or someone you know is suffering from some serious diseases and you want to find a solution to the problem, then maybe you can treat it with Cannabis tincture. It is a product made of medical marijuana with not so extensive odor.

What are tinctures?

Tinctures are usually made with alcohol and this is because of medical reasons. It is easier herbal compounds which are combined with alcohol to be easily absorbed in our blood system. Tinctures are very good to keep your mind sharp and straight. But the possible reason why people reach for weed instead of Cannabis tincture is because tinctures have short term effects whilst weed is known for its long term effects.cannabis tincture review

Maybe you have heard that cannabis contains THC and CBD. The difference between those two is that THC causes hallucinations, which is the reason why while making a tincture we try to get rid of THC.

Cannabis tincture

Cannabis tincture is a well-known medicine for the medical experts, but since it was prohibited, it is no longer legal for use. But as you know, there are always exceptions to the rule, and in this case marijuana is legal in some countries, so it is easier for people to have an access to the main ingredients which this tincture needs.

If you are wondering how you can make this tincture without buying it from the internet, you will find the answer in the next paragraph, and for now we will advise you how to use Cannabis tincture. You may have used similar products such as Pure CBD or Cannabidiol and have experienced the effects. However, if you are considering of using this particular tincture, it is better to start with one drop under the tongue and wait for the effects to start kicking. If you do not experience anything, it is best if you wait half an hour before adding some more. You can also add a few drops in your food recipes or favorite drinks.

Cannabis Tincture Methods

There are two possible ways how you can do Cannabis tincture. Here is everything you need to know:

  1. The Cold Brew Method – With this method of freezing the plant, you keep the integrity of cannabinoids and maximize the tincture’s potency. All you need to do is place the plant in alcohol and keep it in the fridge for 48 hours or more. During those 48 hours you have to shake the jar a few times, before returning it back in the fridge. After a few days you will be able to use the tincture, but you should know that you need to remove the leaves first, and then to purify the liquid from some leftovers.
  2. Warm Brew Method- This is a traditional method which takes a lot more time than the previously mentioned above. You will have to put marijuana in a jar and make sure that no light gets in touch with the jar. It is better if you leave it from 30-60 days on some dark place. The final result will be a powerful tincture with not so great taste.


In this occasion we have shown you how you can make Cannabis tincture and what are the numerous benefits you can get from this oil. If you do not have access to the ingredients, or they are simply illegal in your country, you can always find marijuana related products such as: Cannabidiol or Pure CBD. We hope that today we have helped you and responded to your questions. Stay well and take care until next time.

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