We give you the secret to losing weight by counting calories

In the battle to lose weight, enemy number one seems obvious enough: calories. But did you know that not all calories are the same and many are really your friends?

In fact, calorie is only the measure that expresses the energetic power of food; that is, it indicates the amount of fuel that we inject into our body.

And that means that if you want to lose weight by reducing the number of calories you eat, you must first get an idea of how many calories you need to work every day.

The way our digestive tract works makes not all calories equal.

The answer will depend largely on your age, size and physical activity levels, but the Internet is full of calculators that can help you get your starting point clear.

Then, if you’re overweight, the recommendation from public health agencies is to try to drop between 0.5 and 1 kilo every week to a healthy weight. And, for that, the magic figure is between 500 and 600 kilocalories per day less than your body requires.

Count or be conscious?
Now, while more and more menus and labels tell you how many calories are in what you eat, counting calories can be tedious and boring.

And while the many smartphone applications designed for this purpose can help, the best thing to do is to simply be aware of them.

600 kilocalories, for example, are those that usually provide a good breakfast. But a piece of apple pie and a chocolate, eaten in the middle of the morning because you didn’t have breakfast, can easily add up to that figure.

A 500 ml glass of cola soda has 200 calories, a 370 chocolate croissant and a Big Mac burger at least 540 calories.

And remember that if you’re consuming more calories than your body needs, an extra 500 to 600 calories a day will make you gain up to one kilo a week.

All of this means that the best way to cut calories is to acquire habits that help reduce your number naturally.

For example, replace sugary drinks with water, sweets and cakes with fruit, and favor fiber-rich foods.

Calories from fiber
In fact, Coca Cola and its similar products carry an average of 10 tablespoons of sugar per can, so for each one you stop drinking, you will reduce your daily kilocalorie consumption by 140.

While if you change a chocolate bar (240 kilocalories) for an apple (60), you’ll be saving 180.

And if you really want to lose weight, it’s not enough to think about the number of calories you eat, but also where they come from, because the calories in processed sugar are digested very quickly.

Indeed, that means that the energetic effect of drinks, sweets and snacks lasts very little, making us feel hungry again soon after.

While bread and black rice, brown pasta, fruit and other natural foods that are rich in fiber are digested much more slowly, so your energy intake lasts longer and you feel full.

The way our digestive tract works makes not all calories equal.

We absorb most of the calories in our food, but the fiber is different: we only absorb half of the calories it contains.

The rest goes without being digested, and some fiber also absorbs water which contributes to the feeling of fullness that makes us not want to continue eating. And this is more useful than trying to burn off extra calories by running, because exercise usually burns fewer calories than you think.

How to choose the right foundation for your face

Using a latex sponge and liquid base, apply stitches over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Also with the sponge, extend the makeup points outward, toward the hairline and downward to your neck, covering the entire face with a light base layer. For even lighter application, first moisten the sponge with water. Don’t forget to apply the base to the eyelids, nostrils and lips. It should cover all the way down to the jaw line. Be careful to avoid any boundary lines.

Many women still have trouble selecting the type and base tone for their skin. If your skin is normal to dry, use an oil-based, and if it is oily, a water-based skin. Many creamy bases provide good coverage for flaws in skin coloring. Dermacol Foundation Reviews is the right creme for you to use.

choose the right foundation face

Don’t be afraid to buy different types of bases. Apply them to different parts of your face and see what consistency and coverage you like best. Revlon Touch & Glow is a low-cost oil product, suitable for most lightly dry to normal skin and offers a good number of shades.

I suggest that most women avoid iridescent bases, because with them they can look older. If your skin is very wrinkled, do not use thick cream bases, which can build up in the wrinkle holes.

When selecting a base, never test the color on the neck or back of your hand, but where you are going to use it, on your face. Naturally, you should not wear any other bases at this time. The tone you buy should be exactly that of your skin, unless you are trying to counteract a yellowish or reddish tone. Women with skin that is too yellowish should use a base with a touch of pink, while women with reddish skin may opt for a slightly yellowish base. If in doubt, acquire the exact tone of your skin and simply use a blush to counter the tone.

I suggest that women with too dark skin should avoid pink bases, as many of them have blue or ashy tones on their skin.

There are dozens of bases in most drugstores and department stores, as well as many products made by leather specialists who have their own companies.

Light Touch

With your fingertips, apply three creamy illuminator dots on top of each cheekbone. To blur it, pat it out, don’t rub it with your middle finger, extending it toward the storms.

Since the illuminator reflects the light, it will make your cheekbones look more prominent. If your chin is sunken, the illuminator will make it look more outward. However, if you use it well below the cheekbones, they will be slapped and in a strong jawbone will make it look too prominent. But if the illuminator is applied with discretion, it can do wonders on your face.

Select an illuminator two shades lighter than your skin. It should not be pure white, because it produces a bluish shadow. A base that is two or three shades lighter than your skin, works very well as an illuminator.

Although I prefer cream illuminator, there are powders that give good results. Lancôme’s Dual Finish Creme/Powder Makeup is excellent. If you select a powder illuminator, use it after your translucent powder and apply it with a marten hair brush. For special nights, you may like the effect of iridescent powder or gel on your cheekbones, frontal bone or just above your eyebrows.

My Online Shopping Experience: Review, Information & Buying Guide with ijoobi.com

I believe that what is good we must share and find a form to preserve its integrity, thus giving incentive to keep up with the good work. This is my motivation to talk about a place to buy online, which I came across the other day. Not so much the place, but the services I received online! I had a great experience at www.ijoobi.com.

The idea was to find a way to do muscle exercises and reduce some excess fat around the tummy area. I am a working mother and very busy magazine publisher. I work fulltime and need to be on my best twenty-four seven. Not an easy task when you just had a baby and not much time to resume your muscles back to its original places.

I had heard some weeks before from a friend, who bought a device to apply over the stomach area to tone muscles and ended up losing some inches around her waistline. Just what I wanted! It is an abs stimulator using electric current to impulse on muscle fibers.

This is actually what our brain does all the time, but here we can control the electric current and the intensity. It is a principle called Electric Muscle Stimulation, or simple EMS for short. They give an electric shock over the muscles, they contract and relax; this movement causes them to be firmer, rigid and healthier. In a nutshell, it is a workout for the nerve system.

I set up to find where I could buy online and luckily, I found www.ijoobi.com. I was impressed with the fact they had so many reviews on the product, clients comments, articles, recommendations from previous buyers and even scientific papers. I was happy to find that much information before ordering my kit.

I discovered that this particular site was all over the social media as well, facebook pages, Instagram, twitter and even I had a youtube channel. Great, I thought, a place where you can find someone to talk to, in case something goes wrong.

Ultimate ABS Stimulator

When I was browsing through the site I discovered other goodies as well, such as waist trainers and bralettes I need to wear now after having had the baby. It was great finding everything under a single roof. I had a good reading on their practices and policies. I was happy to order my Ultimate ABS Stimulator from www.ijoobi.com.

If you are curious about the efficiency of ABS, I suggest you read some of the comments from people willing to have something done with the least effort possible! Such is the case with ABS; you can get electromagnetic impulses delivered to the muscle area effortless. That leaves you with time to do other things, even chores around the house.

I had my pack delivered to my front door. Soon after I have ordered, I received a tracking code, which I used to check where my order was at some point. I received my goods well before the time set, because they do have warehouse all over the world, so I got mine from a nearby place.

I have read the manual. The instructions are clear. In my case, with the baby and everything, I wear my ABS for about two hours every day and I give time to my muscles in order to recover from an intense electric stimulation. No rocket science!

I am happy in recommending www.ijoobi.com as a reliable place to do your online shopping. However, like anything else in life, you have to be absolutely sure about what you want to buy. If it deals with your health, I suggest you see your doctor beforehand!

Causes and Consequences of Abdominal Obesity

Recent studies indicate that abdominal obesity is related to the risk of cardiovascular disease. An overweight of 15 percent relative to the ideal weight, according to age and sex, is a clear health problem, especially when fatty deposits are located in the abdominal area, the commonly called “happiness curve.

In men, abdominal or digestive obesity occurs in alcoholic individuals with impaired liver function. The most frequent cases have their roots in a slight pancreatic insufficiency, manifesting with swelling and drowsiness after eating, in addition to starch intolerance.

In women, it is manifested in those who have chronic constipation aggravated by the abusive use of laxatives. It can also occur in people with colitis caused by the abuse of greens and crudités diets.

Another form of expression of abdominal obesity is a nervous type. It causes various digestive disorders induced by emotional states, such as a sensation of constriction at chest level, tachycardia, spasmodic cramps, nausea, gastritis, etc.

Consequences of Obesity

Consequences of Obesity

The risks of obesity begin when there is overweight fat above 15-20 percent. Up to this percentage, it is an aesthetic problem, and above it, a medical disorder.

Obesity, considered a public health problem in industrialized countries, diminishes the quality of life and is an important risk factor in the development of diseases:

  • Cancer. According to scientific work by the American Cancer Society, there is a high incidence of cancerous processes in individuals overweight over 40 percent.
  • Hypertension. There is undoubtedly a close relationship between obesity and high blood pressure, which is more clearly associated with certain types of obesity. Therefore, in abdominal obesity, the incidence of hypertension is higher, as well as other metabolic complications.
    There is also a predisposition of the obese to thrombosis due to increased blood clotting.
  • Respiratory problems. Fat accumulation on the chest wall results in decreased breathing capacity, and dyspnoea (difficulty breathing) is common.
  • Gallstones. In obese people, bile contains more cholesterol than normal and conditions the appearance of stones.
  • Cardiovascular disorders. People who are overweight have a greater infiltration of fat at the level of the myocardium, causing a cardiac overload that can trigger heart disease. In other cases, atheromatous plaques from increased cholesterol are deposited in the coronary arteries and can lead to heart attacks.
  • Diabetes. Obesity has been considered the most important cause of diabetes development. Overweight usually precedes diabetes in 80 percent of cases.
  • Metabolic alterations. Obese people are predisposed to high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The incidence of obesity and gout is also very important.
  • Mechanical alterations. As a consequence of the weight that the joints of obese people have to bear, it is frequent the appearance of osteoarthritis, spinal diseases…
  • Psychological alterations. The individual may have depression due to obesity, sexual difficulties, as well as feelings of inferiority.

It should be borne in mind that nutrition is directly related to the origin of almost all diseases.

How to lose weight when you are still schooling?

The student’s budget is often quite limited, and to lose weight, young people often look for efficient and cheap tips. So what is the best, cheap and effective weight loss plan that is suitable for students?

lose weight in school

Why do we gain weight when schooling?

Pizza, Fastfood, industrial dishes, snacking, meals taken at any time and lack of physical activity are often the preserve of students for the following reasons:

  • Lack of time
  • Fried meals
  • No concept of cooking
  • Ignorance of the needs of the body

So, how could you prevent weight gaining when you are a student?

Suppress industrial (Junk) foods

Nutrients have eliminated from industrial foods, and they are full of salt, sugar, and fat that your body does not need. In fact, these industrial foods are composed of ingredients that your body can not even recognize, so to assimilate.

You should eliminate fast food and industrial dishes if you want to lose weight at a steady pace that can motivate you. Anything that packaged should not be part of your weight loss program. Raw and fresh foods will make you lose weight. Replace your desire to rush on chips or cupcakes with a handful of nuts to have something to nibble on. It is often an oral need that has nothing to do with feeling hungry or a real need to eat.

Take good habits
Eating well is much cheaper than fast food burgers-fries-coca next door. And cooking does not take much time. To avoid getting fatter when you are a student, the idea is to adopt the habit of shopping from a list, and not to forget:

  • The fruits
  • The vegetables
  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Flatwater

They are forgotten or neglected. But still, provide the body with much of the nutrients it needs daily. The student will quickly realize that his budget will also be much better. Especially fruits and vegetables in suitable quantity will help to calm cravings snacking, which is an excellent solution to lose weight quickly.

Do not skip meals

For lack of resources, students often think that by skipping meals they will keep their refined silhouette. This idea is false, harmful to health.

Skipping meals makes you fat contrary to what many students think.

Indeed, at the following meal, we tend to eat more than we should, to eat too fast and choose a diet too salty, too fat or too sweet. Skipping meals can lead to obesity. Instead of that, we must make sure to eat at regular times and not to neglect breakfast.

Balance your meals

You can lose weight easily even with a small budget. For that, it is enough to rebalance your meals in the following way:

Tea, coffee or herbal tea without sugar – 40 g of cheese or 1 slice of ham or 1 egg – 2 slices of wholemeal bread or bran – 2 kiwis

Fish or white meat – 2 steamed potatoes – Green vegetables – white cheese

One slice of wholemeal bread – 30 g cheese – 1 apple

Vegetables at will – 1 serving of quinoa or lentils – 1 banana

Obviously, you will dismiss any nibbling and will forget chips, popcorn, candy, and pastries, charcuterie or cakes aperitif in front of the TV or computer. And finally, let’s add the importance of moving daily. For that, no need to spend money since it is enough to go to the university on foot or by bike.

Drink water to hydrate
Always drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It will detoxify your body and leave you a clean skin. Even more, water can reduce your appetite and satiate you faster. Drop sugary drinks that raise your blood sugar and only contain empty calories. It includes all juices, sodas and other cappuccinos. You might think that aspartame drinks cannot hurt you, but you will notice that you will lose weight better if you drop them and replace them with water.

Choose an extracurricular activity
Schooling is the best time of your life for all kinds of events. When you are an adult, and you move into the world of work, there will be no one to suggest you activities. So you should take advantage of these benefits. Sign up for any sport or leisure activity, even if you are not very good at it. It will be an excellent opportunity to prevent you from gaining weight.

How Does Sleep Styler work?

Could hairstyling in fact be a calming experience? Right after testing over 100 materials, we have come to uncover the kitten-soft milled microfiber that compose sleep styler original. These plush rollers hold 4-5 occasions their personal fat in water, making them perfect for drying (and setting) hair overnight even though you sleep.

Sleep styler, what is it?

Right up until the sleep styler, there had been two options for hair curling: either damaging locks with heat resources, or sitting for hours with unpleasant curling rods. With the sleep hair curler, you can now sit comfortably sit with even though curling your hair. These ultra-comfy memory foam rods are a kind of effortless-to-use option to each day curlers, sized perfectly to get these big, bouncy curls you adore. Additionally, this easy tool was created to curl or straighten hair, possibly getting rid of the need for making use of any heat resources at all.

With so many ladies turning into far more conscious of organic hairstyles and the damaging effects of continuous heat, the sleep styler is turning into the best indicated asset for your hairs. It straightens your curls, curl your straights or just increase your texture with these effortless-to-use rods. They are the perfect selection for shoulder-length or longer tresses. The removable outer can make them effortless to wash.

the sleep styler is becoming the best indicated asset for your hairs

Sleep Styler, how does it function?

The sleep styler is crafted in a way that it’s ever-so-effortless to use. Just wash hair as usual, wrap damp hair close to with a twist (for curls) or flat (to straighten), go to bed on the comfy cylinders, and get rid of in the morning. These factors save time in the morning and area under the bathroom sink. It is bet to set them just before bed, or just before you binge viewing your favored Tv exhibits. Use them fully heat-free to stop breakage. Just wrap hair and hold firmly in spot with the self-adhesive, ultrasuede strap.

The sleep styler is the initial to function materials your head will in fact afford, like a high-functionality microfiber wicking exterior. This materials achieves a drying procedure without having drying-out your hair, in this kind of a way curls come out shiny and silky. In addition, the sleep styler could replace the classic flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron, creating luscious curls without having the risk of irreversible heat styling harm. Each and every microfiber roller homes a piece of marshmallow memory foam, which is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. You can even shift from your side to your back even though sleeping, and in each positions, the rollers molded easily on prime of your pillow and will still in fact be truly comfortable. The memory foam core is as soft as that high-end mattress, that means you will not need to over bother by yourself by sleeping on your encounter (or sitting upright) just to get the perfect up coming-day hairstyle.

In the morning, it only take about thirty seconds to get rid of and slip out easily without having ripping any hair. This is a excellent option for these who need a break from styling resources but still want styled hair, and for these who are searching to save time in their morning routines.

What are the sleep styler designs obtainable?

Along with these design and style variations, sleep styler comes in two different lengths:

Brief model – It is 1.5-inch rollers best suited for hair that is among shoulder and mid-back length, or hair that is long and fine. According to their internet site, this edition works comparable to a classic roller, with a “more robust curl” and further texture.

Lengthy model– This 1 is Also 1.5 inches in diameter, but its longer design and style allows it to accommodate hair that is mid-back length or longer, or hair that is thick.

How to lose weight without feeling hungry

Being hungry always has been the Achilles’ heel of who have been making diet again and again without losing weight. Would not it be a blessing to lose weight without feeling the empty stomach all the time? Well, this is possible.

Some foods that contain few calories produce a feeling of fullness. If you eat them, you can sit at the table without feeling too hungry and get up without needing to eat a few hours later. And if you incorporate them into your daily diet, you can stop eating up to 300 calories per day and lose between 250 and 500 grams per week.

after eating you consume something that leaves you satisfied

Hunger-proof diet:

The foods that satisfy the appetite are those whose volume or weight is high in relation to the calories that they contribute. The best ones are the vegetables: fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the meats are voluminous, but if their fat content is large, the benefits are nullified. As vegetables take up a lot of space on the plate, people have the impression of eating in abundance. In most cases, vegetarian food is twice more bulky.

On the other hand, foods rich in fiber – most fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes – also reduce appetite. Vegetable fiber increases the volume of the alimentary bolus in the digestive tract, slows the emptying time of the stomach and prolongs the sensation of satiety.

You have to eat between 20 and 35 grams of fiber daily. This is possible by adding an apple, an orange and a cup of lentils to your daily diet.

How to make foods rich in fiber more appetizing? Add spices that accentuate the flavor of the food. A spoonful of hot sauce does not contain more than five calories and can give good taste to a cooked potato; the curry takes away the tasteless lentils, and a few slices of apple sprinkled with cinnamon give the feeling of eating a dessert.

But remember that anything that makes a food tastier will make you want to eat it in greater quantity..

All the aforementioned related to the volume of solid foods and their ability to satisfy hunger also applies to liquids. Soups and stews satisfy much more than, say, a chocolate bar.

In this way, a trick is to take soups with broth before dinner; people tend to eat, in few quantities.
Finally, dietary foods usually contain more protein and less fat than normal foods. As the brain takes longer to realize that one has ingested calories from fat than in “finding out” that it consumed protein or carbohydrate calories, such a combination is ideal.

And a last trick, if after eating you consume something that leaves you satisfied, you will not be thinking about your next meal. There are people who for example do not feel that they finished until they taste something sweet, in this way you can end up losing weight without suffering or feeling hungry.

Learning out how to apply make up

Handful of issues indicate much more a rite of passage than understanding how to apply makeup. And not only for girls: David Bowie showed that males also can use makeup as a form of expression and artwork. But like painting, dancing and singing, you need to observe some rules and discover a number of issues ahead of you start off to put issues in your encounter.

You have to don’t forget that the skin is a genuinely delicate area and it get’s very easily irritated, especially if you decide on low-quality merchandise or exaggerate on the quantities. Also, it doesn’t matter if your coverup makeup is amazing if you do not get care for your skin: hydration issues the most, defending against the sun (sunscreen) is genuinely crucial and you need to keep away from tension. Also, there is an explanation why beauty sleep is referred to as that way.

In this text we will tackle some common query about how to make up and what you need to use.

First of all: the cleansing

You can think this phase like a pizza. Ahead of you start off placing the tomato sauce and the cheese, you need to have a clean base. You can not use lipstick and other merchandise ahead of you clean your encounter and obtaining rid of dead cells and also previous makeup. It is intriguing if you use a moisturizer in this phase, to boost the appear of your skin from the get-go.

Dermacol Foundation is the one you should have

The value of a good foundation

Not often you will have a 100%, quality-wise, skin. That is why a good foundation is essential in your make up kit. Dermacol Foundation is the a single you need to have. With strong pigmentation, this makeup cover up tattoos if necessary. When you acquire a coverup makeup you need to, 1st of all, locate the correct shade for your skin. You do not want to use a foundation darker or lighter than your skin: it will present up and it won’t be pretty.

Also crucial to discover is if the solution is hypoallergenic, keeping away from allergies and skin intolerance and also if it is waterproof. Dermacol is, so if you go to a evening club or a pool get together, you do not have to fret that your encounter looks like its melting due to the fact of sweat, for example.

The value of the foundation is proper the imperfections and make the skin appear glowy and firm. You can hide acne, marks, bruises and numerous other issues.

It just gets much better

Blush and highlighter will make everything much better. With the foundation, you can hide the imperfections and with those two merchandise, you can attain what you want. The blush can give you a much more rosy appear on your cheeks, something that numerous girls want.

Of program, this following actions are all optional, depending on what you want. An eyeliner and eyeshadow can genuinely highlight the shade of your eyes and make a gorgeous result, especially if you decide on warm or vivid colours. A little bit of mascara will make your lashes appear genuinely wonderful.

And ultimately, the lipstick

Just a little bit of lipstick will go an extended way. Numerous males do not have a clue about what is blush, but when you put lipstick, it is extremely hard not to discover, especially if you decide on the classic red.

But you do not have to go along Marilyn Monroe to highlight your lips. You can decide on between numerous tonalities, just like the foundation, depending on where you are going, your skin tone and numerous issues. How you know that? Trial and error. But you can be sure that when you locate out, it is something for your lifestyle.

What ingredients should be used in a facemask?

Many of the popular facemasks that are recognized for successfully improving our skin’s complexion, often come with a hefty price tag. Sometimes, more than we’d like to admit to our family.

But often, quality means spilling out our hard money to see the results we desire. It is possible to pamper our face without breaking the bank. This will allow you to nourish your skin on a weekly basis instead of once in a blue moon.

The key to making homemade facemasks isn’t just throwing a bunch of ingredients in the blender and voila! The efficiency of your DIY masks depends on tailoring it to your skin’s needs and combining the ingredients correctly.

Here are a list of common household ingredients that will help to improve your skin tome and complexion.  Pick and choose the best ones for your skin’s needs.

Yogurt – It is preferable to use plain Greek-style yogurt. The lactic acid in yogurt leaves you glowing and aids in moisturizing your dry skin.

Avocado – This buttery super food is jammed packed with vitamins and lecithin, which aids in restoring skin damaged from free radicals. The fatty acids help to dissolve anything that might be clogging your pores.

Oatmeal – We are familiar with the health benefits of eating our daily portion of porridge but it also works wonders for our dry, chapped skin and for eczema sufferers.

Turmeric – If you are not using turmeric, you better start today. It is provides a long list of health benefits when consumed or used topically. Its skin-healing antioxidants evens skin tone and helps to minimize fine lines. Just be careful not to get it on fabric cloth, as it will leave a permanent stain.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin has high quantities of vitamin A, which boosts your skin cell growth and has enzymes that dissolve your dead skin cells. It is ideal for reducing pore size, surface shine, leaving your face with a healthy, vibrant glow.

Green tea – The antioxidant properties found in green tea are well known. It can be applied to your face by adding a tsp. of green tea powder into your mask paste. It will help to reduce inflammation and redness.

Aspirin – Yes, you read that correctly. Aspirin contains salicylic acid that erases blemishes and brightens your skin. Grind the aspirin up and make a fine paste with water. Then exfoliate it into your skin and then rinse off.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes contain lycopene, this helps to repair and protect your skin from free radicals. When used in a raw form, tomatoes can soothe dry, sun or wind chapped skin. Also it contains vitamin C and A, which help to remove excess oils and even skin tone.

Brewer’s yeast – This contains high amounts of complex B vitamins. It helps to improve your skin circulation, collagen production and one of main benefits is prevents all types of acne.

Almond oil – This oil can take a common mask to pure pampering because of its heavenly, relaxing aroma. It improves skin tone and conceals fine lines.

Bananas – Some of the vitamins found in bananas are A, B, E and F, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine and iron. Just mash up your banana and apply to your face, it will deeply hydrate your skin. Plus, it is one of the best cures for badly sunburned skin.

Eggs – Especially egg whites, as they help to tighten enlarged pores and cleanse your skin. Yolks can help to moisturize and soothe his skin.

Papaya – It contains papain, which is a natural exfoliate that removes dead skin cells.

Without further ado, why don’t you make up a facemask right now?

facial and skin care treatment

Essential fruits that you must integrate in your diet

One of the simplest, most practical and fast way to lose weight, getting to look envious in a natural way, is to take a balanced nutrition, where the fruits play a leading role. These foods are known to be low in calories and fat, but not all of them are effective for weight loss.

However, not all fruits are effective or good at achieving the results you want for your body, such as banana, which has many calories, but it would be a better option in an ideal milkshake to lose weight.

Now we have compiled a list of ten fruits to help you lose weight in a healthy way and best of all naturally, don’t forget to integrate them into your diets and groceries to get the results you are looking for.

fruits are edible that nature offers us, low in calories and fat, which helps you get rid of those extra kilograms

1- Kiwi: It is low in calories and contains fiber with the right amounts to put your body to work, facilitating the digestion of all your meals. In addition to this, the soluble fibers it contains help eliminate hunger.

2- Apples: They have an essential source of pectin fiber, this is a soluble fiber that helps to reduce cholesterol levels. They also have flavonoids, which fight cancer, and their average calories are very low.

3- Papaya: This fruit will bring to your organism a variety of benefits thanks to its quantity of nutrients, among them calcium, folic acid, vitamins “C”, carotenoids and fiber that will help you to normalize the digestible functions.

4- Pineapple: It is considered a diuretic foodstuff, some consider it the queen of fruits, besides this because of its high water content satiates the appetite and has few calories.

5- Raspberries: They are low in calories and have a good level of folic acid and zinc, including large amounts of fiber.

6- Oranges: It is known its high content in vitamin “C”, as of fiber, folate and calcium. In its multiple properties, they are found to be good for digestion, for the liver and also to speed up metabolism.

7- Strawberries: Filled with vitamins and minerals, they have a great supply of fiber that reduces the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates, while controlling blood sugar levels.

8- Grapefruit: This fruit contains high levels of fiber and is low in calories. It is rich in vitamin C. Fiber is a soluble mixture which makes it an enormous edible for cardiac inconveniences, and also insoluble being good for the intestines.

9- Melon: It is a fruit whose composition is based on water and fiber, which is very low in calories, being advisable for the fact that it helps to suppress fats and toxins.

10- Blueberries: It offers many health benefits by being a huge edible. They have high levels of antioxidants that help prevent cancer. In addition to this they have potassium, iron, vitamin “C” and fiber.

Finally, remember that fruits are edible that nature offers us, low in calories and fat, which helps you get rid of those extra kilograms, being the best ally in your fight to burn fat and lose weight.